Jelly Bean Working: The new world of work

The Jelly Bean Working Report is the result of Mirvac’s ongoing partnership and collaboration with Philip Ross, Founder and CEO of UnWork, and contains ground-breaking thinking around how innovations in digital technologies will entirely transform the way we interact and engage in the workplace. 
With advancements in workplace technology, distance is becoming increasingly irrelevant. Employees can be at work from wherever they are in the world and the arrival of cloud-based systems is changing the way we use office buildings.
We are moving towards a future where your presence is shown within software, similar to the presence icon we already have on Skype. This presence icon – our ‘Jelly Bean’ - will tell the world where we are and what we are doing. It will shape how we connect with others and the world around us. 
Understanding the implications of this trend towards activity based clustering is vital to Mirvac, if we are to continue to deliver workplaces that meet and exceed the evolving needs of our tenants and end users. 
To download the full version of ‘Jelly Bean Working: The new world of work’, please click here.